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No. 1 IVF Center in Nepal

Hope Fertility And Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.

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Get personalized treatment plans tailored to your needs and lifestyle

Personalized Treatment Plans

Our doctors focus on understanding the root cause of your infertility problem and designing a specific treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. This includes understanding your medical history, lifestyle, endocrine characteristics, detailed sperm analysis, and ultrasound exams. Our stimulation program is totally personalized according to your hormonal levels, and the dose will change during each treatment. This ensures that we can collect the maximum number of mature oocytes. In the same way, the scientists and technicians of our embryology laboratory will choose the most suitable medium and laboratory techniques and tools to ensure the healthy development of your embryos.

At Hope fertility and diagnostic, our team of experienced doctors and well-trained staffs are at your disposal for the best service.

Experienced and Well-trained Staff delivering the highest success rates globally.

In hope fertility and diagnostic, we firmly believe in evidence-based medicine, and our doctors and embryologists strive to follow this principle. All our doctors and embryologists are alumni of outstanding human reproductive and medicine projects. Our training program is extremely strict and ensures that all our professionals comply with the highest quality standards. We have one of the highest success rates in IVF Nepal. Our doctors understand the root causes of repeated miscarriages and can successfully treat patients who have failed multiple IVF.

The most advanced and state of the art infrastructure is installed at Hope Fertility IVF Center that ensures patient safety and the best medical results.

State of the Art Infrastructure

At Hope fertility & diagnostic, we have designed the most efficient facility design to ensure patient safety and the best medical results. We have invested in the latest and most technologically advanced infrastructure, including incubators, microscopes, next-generation sequencers, operating room equipment and tools, air handling devices to ensure a healthy embryo growth environment, M/C 4D ultrasound system, RI witness The system ensures that there is no embryo/sperm mixing between patients, and the electronic alarm system is equipped with sensors that can continuously monitor temperature, humidity, gases and VOCs related to key equipment.

Our doctors and staffs implement a ethical and transparent practice regime that will keep you at ease regarding all medical procedures.

Ethics and Transparency in treatment and Pricing

The cornerstone of our clinical practice is ethics and transparency. We announced the packet rate for various medical conditions and made them strictly united. There is a documented medical requirement for all recommended treatments and tests. Records and claims of patients are provided in all instances. Additional tests and procedures are recommended or performed.

Our nurses and consultants have been trained at par with the best industry standards. They are able to provide medical services tailored to your needs.

Compassionate and caring Nursing Staff and Counsellors

Our nurses and consultants have been trained to understand the needs and requirements of our patients and ensure that treatment plans and options are clearly explained to them. They provide medical services 24 hours a day, including medication, answering questions and providing support.

Hope fertility and diagnostic provides the most comprehensive and sophisticated services that tend to all your clinical needs.

The most comprehensive services

At Hope fertility & diagnostic we provide the most comprehensive services to meet all fertility clinic requirements, including in-house blood lab, consultation and ultrasound, embryology lab, operating room and rehabilitation, genetic testing, and consultation. Our physicians are trained and qualified to diagnose and treat male infertility, including performing FNA, TESE, and Micro TESE


Hope Fertility And Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.

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